Innate readiness for a good life

Thanks for patience. My “absence” was 6 pounds and 14 ounces on October 15, 2013!

Talking about expecting…

It is expecting good things to happen that makes us happier than the Joneses – not to have more good things happening to us. Who knew?

Tali Sharot explains to us that unless we are clinically depressed, we all have a bias for optimism. We are unrealistically hopeful for ourselves to the point that it can sometimes challenge our wisdom: we marry, we indulge, we have new resolutions each year, and we expect the statistics to apply to others, but not to us.

So… if you want to remain a realistic person, you need to include in your planning stage that you were born optimistic and that you need to protect your confident expectations. You will graduate – but make sure to have good social and academic support on the way. You will have good health – but insist on those annual check-ups, healthy diet habits, and exercise. You will have a satisfying marriage – but maintain healthy communication and ask for feedback often.

Christine Leclerc-Sherling

Psychology and Public Speaking Instructor