Innovate; create until you reach your most genuine self.

Have you ever seen the irony in a book title resembling the phrase “Be yourself” and being sold to millions of individuals? The universe is expanding, we are told, but it is not a tangible experience. Nevertheless, every time we learn something new, every time we connect this new information with previous ones, every time we come with our own combination of previous and new information, we expand our own representation of the universe. This is tangible to me. My universe is expanding with every new bit of knowledge being combined with my previous understanding.

As Sir Ken Robinson mentions, life is organic, circumstantial, and opportunistic. We create our talents to respond to situations, to fit in specific and custom environments, and to meet our dreams. In the end, we are more than a major in college; we are more than a career; and we are more than the sum of our achievements. In the end, paradoxically, we are the person we were meant to be when we were born in that environment that provided the conditions for us to become who we became. Truly, we cannot be anybody else than …ourselves.

Education provides the conditions. Even Steve Jobs who never graduated from college referenced his experience in college as his inspiration for his future work in his commencement speech at the Stanford graduation where he was a keynote speaker in 2005. Education provides the soil for your mind to flourish, as Sir Ken Robinson illustrates. You may take the same class than your classmates. You may be enrolled in the same program than many. In the end, you are the result from your active learning and from your unique combination between your experience, your skills, your knowledge, and your dreams.

We are glad you are here.

Christine Leclerc-Sherling

Psychology and Public Speaking Instructor


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